How to Set Up and Use Proton GE on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a popular gaming platform that allows users to play games on their mobile devices. It enables users to connect to their Steam account and play games on the go. However, not all games are natively supported on mobile devices. This is where Proton GE comes in. Proton GE (short for ...

How to Use Discord on Steam Deck

Discord and Steam Deck are popular platforms widely used in gaming and online communities. Discord is a chat and voice communication app tailored specifically for gamers, while Steam Deck is a portable gaming device that lets users play games while on the go. This article will show you how to ...

How to Install Games Mods on Steam Deck

Let's be honest: not all games are loved by gamers for their graphics and optimization. However, many projects became popular because of the atmosphere and unique gameplay features, and big studios do not always create them. Yes, we're talking about custom mods. How to install mods for games on ...

How to Use FSR on Steam Deck

Steam Deck was created as a new generation console designed to revive portable gaming with projects for desktop platforms. In addition to powerful iron, the developers of the console added support for modern technologies and features. Among them is FSR, which can significantly improve performance ...

How to Add Non Steam Games to Steam Deck

Steam Deck has an interesting task - popularizing handheld gaming devices and competing with the Nintendo Switch. The new console got powerful hardware and support from Steam titles, which immediately made it attractive in the eyes of gamers. But this is already known, and today we'll figure out ...

How to Reset Steam Deck to Factory Settings

When you buy a console, few people think they need to read about how to reset Steam Deck to factory settings. But as practice shows, errors appear even on the most advanced consoles, and if you do not want to carry it to repair, you first should reset the system. Of course, the reasons can be ...

How to Transfer Files From PC to Steam Deck

Steam Deck is, in many ways, a revolutionary console. In addition to bringing back to the masses, albeit not too wide because of price and availability, portable gameplay supports the transfer of saves and achievements in Steam. This allows you to continue playing your favorite titles on the ...