How to Use Discord on Steam Deck

February 20, 2023

Discord and Steam Deck are popular platforms widely used in gaming and online communities. Discord is a chat and voice communication app tailored specifically for gamers, while Steam Deck is a portable gaming device that lets users play games while on the go. This article will show you how to integrate Discord into Steam Deck to take advantage of its powerful communication features while gaming on the go.

Suppose you want to join a server and interact with other gamers, participate in voice and video calls, and send messages and media files. In that case, this article provides an easy-to-follow guide on using Discord on Steam Deck.

What You Need

To use Discord on Steam Deck, you will require the following items:

  1. Steam Deck with the latest firmware and software updates.
  2. A stable internet connection is required.
  3. Discord accounts can be created for free on Discord’s website or app for convenience.
  4. Additional equipment, such as a microphone, camera, or headset, is recommended if you join voice or video calls.
  5. For even easier conversations, invest in a portable keyboard.

How to Install Discord on Steam Deck

How to Install Discord on Steam Deck

Installing Discord on our portable game console doesn’t need to be complex – let’s jump right into the installation and setup guide itself!

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the main Steam Deck button and scroll down until you find Power.
  2. Select Switch to Desktop Mode in the dropdown menu.
  3. Download the Discord app from the Steam Deck App Store for this device.
  4. Open Discord on your Steam Deck.
  5. If you already have an account, log in using your email and password. If not, click “Register” to create one.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your profile, adding friends, and joining servers.
  7. Once your account is set up, Discord allows you to connect with other gamers, participate in voice and video calls, send messages and media files, and much more!

It’s essential to note that Discord requires access to the internet to function properly on Steam Deck, as it requires a steady connection. Furthermore, you may need to grant Discord access to your Steam Deck’s microphone and camera (only external accessories) if you wish to participate in voice or video calls with them.

Voice and Video Calls on Steam Deck

Discord on Steam Deck allows you to participate in voice and video calls with friends and members of your servers. Here’s how:

  • Starting a Call. To initiate a voice or video call, click on the icon in your channel or direct message you wish to call. Alternatively, you can create one from your home screen by clicking on the user’s name and selecting their call icon.
  • Grant access to microphone and camera. If this is your first time making a call on Steam Deck, you will be prompted to grant Discord access to your device’s microphone and camera. Be sure to enable these permissions to join voice and video calls seamlessly.
  • Join the call. Once the call has begun, you will be presented with a call screen featuring participants’ video and audio. To join, click on the Join Call button.
  • Screen Sharing. You can also share your screen while making Video Calls by clicking the “Share Screen” button within the call window. Afterward, select which application or screen you’d like to share from the list provided.
  • Audio and Video Settings. You can adjust your audio and video settings during a call by clicking the settings icon at the bottom right corner.
  • Ending the call. Click the end call button in the bottom right corner to finish it.

By using voice and video calls on Steam Deck, you can stay connected with friends and members of your servers while gaming on the go.

Text Chat and Sharing Media

Voice and Video Calls on Steam Deck discord

Discord’s key feature that may be utilized on Steam Deck is sending messages and creating/reading channels.

Type Messages

To send a message, navigate to the channel or direct message you wish to send. Then, please type your message into the input field at the bottom of your screen and hit either send button or enter key to send it off.

Sharing Files

Uploading an image or video is easy; click the “Upload” button in the message input field and select your file to share. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a file into this same field for uploading. Similarly, viewing shared files requires clicking them within the message; to download them, right-click them and select “Download.”

Emojis, Mentions, and Hashtags

Discord on Steam Deck allows you to utilize emojis, mentions, and hashtags for an enhanced messaging experience that makes conversations more lively and expressive. Here’s how:

  • Emojis. To add an emoji to a message, click on the emoji button in the message input field and select one from the picker. Alternatively, type “:” followed by the name of an emoji to include it in your message.
  • Mentions. To mention someone in a message, type “@” followed by their username. This will send them a notification and draw attention to your message.
  • Hashtags. To add a hashtag to a message, type “#” followed by the desired hashtag text. Hashtags help categorize and organize your notes while making finding specific content easier.

Make your conversations more vibrant and lively by adding emojis, mentions, and hashtags. Whether you’re adding them to express yourself, mentioning someone to grab their attention, or using hashtags for the categorization and organization of messages – there’s no limit to what can be accomplished!


How Do I Add Friends on Discord on Steam Deck?

To invite a new mate, click the Friends tab in the bottom right corner, click “Add Friend,” and enter Discord username or email address.

Can I Use Discord Simultaneously Across Both Steam Deck and Devices?

Yes, Discord can be used on multiple devices, including desktop and mobile.

How Do I Change My Discord Username on Steam Deck?

To adjust your Discord username on Steam Deck, click the User Settings icon in the bottom left corner, select the My Account tab, then click Edit next to the username.

How Can I Turn off Notifications for Specific Channels or Servers on Steam Deck?

To turn off notifications for specific channels or servers, right-click the channel or server, select Notifications, and adjust your settings accordingly.

Can I Use Discord Without an Internet Connection?

Discord on Steam Deck is not functional without an internet connection; the application requires a reliable connection for optimal functionality.

Useful Video

This article gives an extensive overview of Discord on Steam Deck, outlining its key features and functionality and providing step-by-step instructions to get you started. Whether you’re new to Discord or an expert user, we hope this guide has improved your comprehension of this powerful tool.

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